So what's the entity limit for Source?

I need a ton of entities, how many entities can I actually use?
Does it matter if they have names or not?
Is there any way to control particle effects via entities? Can I change the particle emitted, or can I somehow change something in the initializer for it, like color or something in that manner?

VDC is your friend: Entity limits

You can affect particle systems in a limited way through control points:

Never tried it myself, though.

I just read about that. But thank you for confirming that this might work.

I’m sure Source’s entity limit is either 1024 or 2048

Sources entity limit can be 300% on the compile log.

I thought it was 2048. That’s what it always crashes rp servers at.

Thanks. But does it matter if the entities are named or not?


If you use the stacker tool and do 2000 frozen props it will immediately crash. I think things in the 1000s work though

Note that the 2048/4096 limits dont count for prop_static.

Not anymore, Garry’s fixed it (RP won’t crash either now, ents will not be created if the ent limit is close to 2048.)

one of my maps is 1400% entities

just as long as you dont render 1024 entities at once the game wont crash