So whats the point in playing?

I’m not angry im just confused. I spent five hours yesterday building a base killing animals/zombies and gathering resources. I had a pretty good start up base built with all I needed. I log in today and there is a hole in the side of my base and everything is gone. I ask in chat if there is a way to prevent this or if I did something wrong and everyone said no its just part of the game. What I don’t understand is, whats the point in playing this game if you’re literally going to have to start over from scratch at least once a week? I got this game for the “survival” aspect it promotes, but in reality all you do is go look for someone who isnt online beat there wall down and you have everything you need…There is literally no survival to it.

Its the fun getting the resources and fighting other players

Yes I suppose you are right. I guess I just assumed there would be more to this game.

When they say “that’s part of the game”, they really should have said “that’s a side effect of the game in its current state”.

Not to bring up the whole “it’s alpha!” thing again, but stated here,[/t]
it’s like 10% finished, so stay tuned for updates that may or may not change how raiding works.

Also, as stated in this blog post,

they’re really trying to think of ways to properly defend your base.

tl;dr, the current system of raiding probably isn’t what the devs are hoping for and changes may make for the better.

there will be. remember this is in alpha and the map is only 10% the real deal :dance:

That’s the fun in the game

the map is also a placeholder.
atm its 16m² where only 2m² is used.
new map wil be ~8m² with rivers,seas, etc …

It’s possible to avoid getting raided, or reduce the damage if you do get raided. Suggestions are-

  1. Do a forum or youtube search on bases, look at different designs and then do a similar search for Raiding, and see how they did it. Use what you learned to figure out how to outsmart the raider.

  2. Don’t build out in the open, don’t let people follow you home, and don’t build near resources/rad areas. Players will explore these areas and eventually find your base.

  3. Build a large base with lots and lots of doors, spiked walls, etc. Or build several smaller bases scattered all over with bits of gear in them…it’s all up to you.

I just find a mountain and climb it and claim it my own by pulling out my torch and scream in chat and voice chat “This Is MY mountain there may be a taller one but i have chosen this one to prevent raiders”

this game is pretty close to pure anarchy.

simply put, there are only 2 choices atm:

  1. embrace it
  2. wait

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I build several tiny bases to start with and spread my resources among all of them. This way if one gets blown open then I only lose a small portion of my stuff.

After i have several small bases then I can start making them more raid resistant.

If you want to avoid this, Join a PVE server, PVE servers don’t stop raids but PVE players are not normally interested in Raiding, just surviving.

Some servers are PVP but will have PVE assigned areas.

Find a group to play with, it makes things a lot easier.

You are welcome to join our new server. KOS and raiding is discouraged the first week.

Please refer to the rust server subsection post

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I can see how the game can get boring. It’s up to the server and a d mins to make the game fun. On my server we have weekly events. Stop worrying about being killed and get to know other players. My server has players who either work as a team or cry and rage quit. I tell every new person to have fun and team up. Admins need to make the server fun.

Make 3-4 1x1 bases in mountains but not too far from rad towns, then make your large base far far away in the wilderness where there are no resources and atleast 15min treck from the road. This way you are never far away to store your loot from rad towns and zombies when you have enough good loot in small bases make transport runs to your main base insuring noone is following you.
When gathering/looting carry just a bow and a hatchet - if you get killed you lost nothing, infact the killer lost more than you.
Once you have most of the kit required start making friends/enemies with other, it is good to know whatever happens you have secure bases and gear to fight back.
Lone playing from one base near the road is asking for trouble on any PvP server.

Dude, you lost 5 hours, I lost 2 weeks.
Currently the game is quite unbalanced, people who can’t play often don’t stand a single chance against those who have the possibility to spend most of their time playing (and consequently who pile up dozens of C4). Actually, defender is disadvantaged and have very few ways to protect his base, especially when he’s offline. I will enter in “wait mode” I guess.

Stop bloody advertising your servers on other people’s threads.

How cute…

i got 181 hours :smiley:

It’s getting boring now though.