So whats up with Streaming?

So the last two persons that has done Streaming til i get a key got two So Basically everyone can do a Streaming til I die or Rust key, and everyone gets one, thats cool lol :slight_smile:

its all depending on how generous the community is, or for that matter is not.

Well Garry gave away 5 keys + 1 to the streamer on another stream :stuck_out_tongue:

you can go ahead and stream taking into account that garry may or may not see it. And frankly im getting tired of seeing threads for " streaming until I get a rust key", cheifly for the fact that people will not get one. I have seen them multiply exponentially since last night.

First we have thread beggars, then the influx of people that followed the LPers, now streamers.

Go do something else with your time.

True just saying, that eventually someone will have to give him a key, since I doubt anyone would accept a person to die cause of a code to a game lol… I can easily stay up for 3 days, but yes it damages your Health, but if you stay up longer, can be really really bad :stuck_out_tongue: but w/e

If one of them actually dies, gets sick or something, it could be a media shitstorm. Never mind the fact that they stupidly stayed awake for days and put their health at risk over a game, the media would demonize Facepunch for not giving them a key. Even though its clearly stated that keys aren’t being given out. Not the fact that person in question is an utter retard for being up several days, they’d just see the evil website and evil video game.

Sorry but no it cant :confused:

This isn’t D3 lol

If someone died doing this 100% rust wouldn’t even be in the story on the news, just some crap about gaming being bad and removing reality.