So Whats Your Story Human?

“You don’t look like the rest of those soldiers.”

I don’t get it.

How is he drinking with that mask on.

HE CANT!, thats the point, and its not exactly a mask, more of a face plate embedded directly into the skull replacing the entire jaw bone

Heh, he doesn’t look too human to me.
He seems to be pretty mutilated.

I wish to know his story.

My story? I get turned into a strogg and sent through a time portal to another timeline.

In West Stroggos born and raised,
in the medical centre where I spent most of my days,
bleedin’, screamin’, squirmin’ all pain,
hittin’ some chainsaws outside of the pool,
Then a couple o’ Marines who were up to no good,
started makin’ trouble in my neighborhood,
I got in one little fight and the Makron got scared,
he said you’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Deep Space.

His eyes are like; “How the hell am i supposed to drink this shit?”

Exept the Mask issue, i think the pic have a good atmosphere, the posing is good as well.

how come when i try to make something atmospheric and artistic it isn’t as widely recieved and people go “well first of all, an ak47 don’t belong in that there mass effect universe”, but when i make a screenshot of Scout being the king of Sea women going home to his kingdom of vagonia, or a gang of gangster raptors attacking soldiers, or a knight going to a night club with ladies of all magical races while the night wears sun glasses, a monicle, desert eagles and golden armor everyone praises it greatly and bombards me with funnys and winners

should I give up on serious poses and stick to my usual novelty poses or should I keep pushing for a mix of both?

Serious VS An obvious joke. Know the difference.

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If its serious, keep things reasonable and realistic, if it isn’t, shit rainbows made of fruit.

I thought it was pretty good. Serious poses are just as good.

Do work you want to do. Don’t make shit to please the masses. This picture is awesome. Not because of holy shit explosions and n shit like that. It’s an original piece and it has character to it. Keep it up.

Not sure if he technically is human considering he’s a 50% mechanical reanimated corpse.

He shall drink through osmosis.

we all know that in the end of this, he ends up butt fucking the alien girl thing. the lighting and overall picture quality could be a little better

Strogg don’t drink.
At least we think.
He fills the mask
with that fluid,
that’s his task…
…yes it’s stupid.

when no-one is looking he slams the drink on his crotch to fill the stroyent tanks

The “I REQUIRE STROYENT!” call just got a whole new meaning.

Oh god the mental image.

The Human in the “Strogg Factory” Scene in Quake IV … that’s his story.