So when is the lock system being adjusted?

So I played Rust for the first time in about a month and the progress is wonderful. However, the key system is fucking retarded and there is no point bothering with the game for more then a few hours until the lock system is adjusted. Is there any word on when it will be adjusted or a code system will be added? Maybe key locks could be cheap and then code locks could cost 200 metal fragments or something.

Don’t build so many doors, you really only need one at this stage in Rusts development due to
A) Updating forced server wipes
B) there is nothing in Rust that you cant get again with a determined half hours work.

I am signing this too , the key system is retarded just for it to be effective you have to have multiple doors with crates holding different keys , if the keys are staying they need ability to attach animal parts to like bones so you can at least differentiate between different doors.

I have just managed to get stuck on the scenery , suicide attempt to recover keys and failed base is now locked from the inside out.

Looting through walls gives people the ability to nab keys even if you have an airlock system.

Bottom line is key system is stupid lets have some form of lock mechanism that can be set and maybe guessed and if you get it wrong it springs a trap and you find said player stapled to your door