So where do I go from here (modeling)

So I wanted to try my hand at making props/ragdolls/playermodels/etcetc for gmod, and so far I have managed to make a cake model using XSI. I have the smds, a .qc, and the vtf/vmt, but right now I have no idea where to go from here. I thought I saw something about compiling the smds, but not sure what it means by that. Anyone wanna point me in a friendly direction?

You need to get a model compiler. I would suggest getting GUIStudioMDL.

Usually I find it fastest to work with the studiomdl

Just have a bat file like this

"%sourcesdk%/bin/orangebox/bin/studiomdl" %1

and pull your qc over it. Should compile by itself.
%sourcesdk% is obviously the path to your sdk, can be defined as a variable or absolute. Though you need to define the variable yourself.

The pause is there to catch errors that might show up.