"So which one of you maggots is next?"


I have given upeth upon thou, for thou never improveth.

Thou saidith that longith ago.

His finger posing suggests nervousness though the title says otherwise…eth

This is balls, post original so someone else can edit it to make it look decent and so the soldier isn’t floating.

And yeah you really aren’t improving.

Blurry leg blood.

Oh shit…He is floating.


Not exactly sure what’s wrong with the posing?


Why have you got shadow quality down? All the shadows just turned into blobs.

I can’t edit the shadows, and I know people hate the shadows that the lamps/lights cast when it’s on high so I turned them off? I can turn it on if you think it’ll make it look better…

It looks better than the blob shadows. These just make it look like everything is floating.

Blob shadows gone.

No offense man, but all of your pictures are pretty much the same. Try to at least have them hold the weapon, not always with their fists down at their sides.