So... Who enjoys the new map seed generator?

What I do enjoy - the small islands and the new rock formations.

What I dont like:

  • Maps are typically plain, not defining any areas at all.
  • You can mostly see half of the map if you havent re-generated like ten times.
  • Forest areas are virtually gone, lesser mountain formations gone, water breaking up important areas everywhere…
  • Monuments everywhere limiting build locations even what else?
  • Should I even go into removing the snow biome?
  • Imo these changes have done nothing but dumb down the game.

I might be speaking for myself but please give us the old map generator back. It saves us admins time to look up an acceptable map that brings uniqueness into the game, and it enables people a sense of personalizing their base locations…

What do you people think of the change? Good or bad? And why? Thank you for reading.

I completely disagree, the new generation is amazing and really makes the world feel rich and alive and it is a new landscape everywhere you go. Yeah, theres tons of biomes and such they need to add, but I am loving it right now.

There needs to be more Forest areas cause they are AWESOME.
Give us snow biomes back…
should probably get rid of that one new rock they made that everybody puts rock bases on.
Awesome grassy valleys with forests are the best :slight_smile:

I agree the new map gen seems much too plain. Honestly I feel like they had it right a long time ago with winter biomes and grass and desert actually feeling disconnected enough to make sense. But they’ve changed map gen too many times since then.

There all look to similar to me.

Biomes are pretty homogeneous and rather bland and uninteresting now. The increased detail is nice. The new textures, rocks, etc look great. but there’s very little making any biome different from tge others.

Back in the day, each biome looked unique. There was a nice transition zone between them to blend them. Now, other than the change in colour and vegetation on the ground, there’s really very little that sets one apart from the other. Trees are resources are distributed pretty evenly. There are no forests anywhere any more.

And I miss the snow biome. It was difficult to survive there, particularly as a newer player. But it had advantages that made living in the Arctic worthwhile. That’s gone now and the whole system was dumbed down.

Honestly, I miss the old layouts of the map. While I like the new dungeons better than rad towns, that’s the only improvement they’ve made on the maps. Eye candy and terrain aside, the last couple of iterations of procgen have been a step backwards IMO.

So people are right about the Forest biome its definetly more rare.

The Snow Biome is only gone for now its getting an rework

Im new to “New” Rust, having logged a few hundred hours on Legacy when it was Rust.

I miss the forests. I also especially miss the amazing rocky areas that you could get lost in.

Procedural generation is an amazing concept, and Rust is doing a great job with it so far from the various maps ive played recently. However, id really like to see more static rocks and interesting rocky meshes of various heights clustered around - especially close to water. Denser forests would be great, however i feel that on busy servers they would get thinned out fairly quickly. Rocks are where its at.

Not too long ago, new Rust had some very thick forests. The whole temperate zone was a mix of forests and grasslands. Even the arctic biome had some nice forest patches, although more scarce than the temperate biome. I think it was the big change in December that killed the snow biome and made this new homogeneous, uninteresting landscape you see now. The new rock formation are nice. The new textures are nice. But the different biomes are now all essentially the same with only a cosmetic makeover.

I definitely miss the snow biome. The tundra that has replaced it seems very… plain? I thought that the biomes before were very rich and highly distinct, unlike now where it kind just all is almost one thing.

Like I said, the differences between biomes now are limited to superficial cosmetics. There’s no real uniqueness to them anymore. It’s like 1 big biome with just different skins applied.

I think they’ve been trying to merge the transition from on biome to the next. Unfortunately, its worked too well and we now have just one biome!

Shame they did away with them then, hope they return.

Oh theyre new? Feels like there should be much more of them, or rather, what there is now should be in much larger clusters.

Yeah :\

They should go back to the map generation they had when the Wolf Statue was a thing. Awesome seperation between biomes and everything felt right.