So why do you guys want to play Rust so bad?

To be blunt, what exactly entices you about the game in its current state?

I think there’s already a thread on this, couldn’t find it tho. Basically, to answer your question, gameplay is extremly addictive, but after a few days I got tired of it, taking a break now.

Rust is a mix of Minecraft, DayZ and Infestation: Survivor stories.

Looks amazing

Infestation, NO, GOD NO! That piece of shit is pay to win, random banning, scamming pile of horse dump.

In its current state it really doesn’t sound that exciting its not something to really play play like a completed game its in alpha. If you aren’t going to send in bug reports and suggestions while playing the game as it is currently you don’t really need a key. Its a buggy as all hell so I’m not so sure why everyone is trying to get into the alpha. Don’t get me wrong its a cool concept and all but as it is it looks mostly unplayable because of all the bugs and people using exploits or hacks.

I like building stuff with the stuff I collect.

yeah tell me more about random banning, lost account which i bought on alpha for 25$ :expressionless: 18 days and no answer from support… my friend’s friend bought account and he got banned on the same day, they wrote to him that he got banned for hacking while he just got game and had no idea even that hack existed lol. but game is awesome , tho devs suck :smiley:

Not sure if troll, or complete retard.

just everything :smiley: i got scammed 3 times for this game but played it for 1 night anyways (tho owner got his account back after that night) and i can say that game is awesome even at this state. i dont mind about what i lost by getting scammed, i just dont like that fact that i lost those things on scammer, i would gladly give them for free to someone else but not the scammers. anyways it was worth it :slight_smile: i just like everything in this game, like whole idea just everything, nothing seemed bad or something, only thing that i wanted was more stuff, like stone objects, metal objects, maybe titanium objects (or whatever its called) like just more content, idea is awesome. hope i’ll not get banned on forums for writing this (this is just forum account so i dont lose anything but i still dont want to get banned :D)

I got an alpha key back when nobody knew about it and I only played like two times or so. I can see the appeal, but I never liked playing Day Z either and Minecraft only alone or with close friends.

I would’ve thought you learnt your lesson after the first time,but you know… you will probably get scammed again, and again, until the game is relased…

You are an idiot and deserved to get scammed.

The sticky even said that “DO NOT BUY KEYS. IT IS A SCAM.”

You misunderstood, he’s talking about Infestation.

Saw Frankie playing it on Youtube and have been intrigued ever since. I like to get in early when it comes to games, it’s interesting to see how the game evolves.

Besides, who doesn’t like minecraft with automatic weapons…

ummm its a minecraft that doesn’t look like it was made in the 1980s and it uses a 1st person approach to PvP. I really, really want to play but I know at one point it will be up for sale and will be much, much better. Until than I don’t get to play :frowning: (unless from some miracle I get a key or beta is open)

bc the game is so good :smiley:

it’s not “a minecraft” at all, the only similarity is the crafting bit (mining barely counts) which plenty of games have. it’s not really like minecraft, when i play rust i don’t think “wow this is just like minecraft”.

I don’t know what people like so much about it its starting to feel like the game and the Rust part of the forums are turning into your average Gmod server. Basically 70% kids 20% douchebags 10% decent people.

i think you got me wrong guys, i was talking about rust and i knew all 3 of those people were scammers, but i gave it a try cause it was worth it and i dont regret losing what i lost, i regret losing it to scammers cause they dont deserve it. :slight_smile: (and i actually got account for 1 night so it was totally worth it)