So, will blueprints etc users have gathered ever be reset?

I’m just wondering if it’s any purpose to scavenging for blueprints en masse or if one should just stick to building shacks.

It’s so early in the games development I doubt you’ll be able to keep everything you find. It would be too big of an advantage over players who start on the games release.

Right now I’m assuming the purpose of the Alpha Test is too test. I wouldn’t be too concerned about your stuff. Much like Minecraft, I wouldn’t be surprised (I’d hope actually) that the server will be wiped on the games release.

Was badly worded, more interesting would be how often does this happen?

Do you mean how often do we find blueprints? I’ve found two so far in the town structures and I’ve been here two days. Part of the evil-Reddit influx.

If you mean how often would things get wiped? There’s not really any way of knowing… When they feel it’s needed… Potentially around larger updates or if something gets changed or removed.