So with the new workshop DL system....

How do I edit my gamemode? o.o

I don’t want to extract all the files like I had to do before, because then I have to manually go through and add them to fastDL, etc.

Lets say I have two lua things I want added. One is a script that loads admins from mysql. It’s just one lua file. I was told to add this to int.lua:

include( “sv_donate.lua” )

But I can’t since all the files are packed away in that GMA.

I also have a function that prevent TKing, but that too was in the int.lua…

How do I edit the gamemode whilst still keeping the workshop functionality?

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Are you saying this lua file is in the GMA format, and can you please explain a bit more, having a little trouble understanding what you’re trying to do…


What I’m trying to say is that since all the files for the gamemode are read from the gma file, how can I modify/add lua to it?

You’re telling me that your gamemode is in a GMA format, and you’re trying to add stuff to it in a GMA format?

The files that are downloaded from the collection specified in the launch parameters, is a gamemode. That gamemode is in the .gma file format, and I am trying to modify the gamemode.

Bump. I need help ASAP.

You probably need to try to get a extracting application, extract it, and use the file system version instead.

So there is no way to add some code without extracting and using the legacy version? Gah.

No there isn’t a way to add lua files to GMA format, just use GMAD which is included with Garry’s Mod and extract it.