So You Think You Wanna Stream Your Gameplay?

After an hour of searching last week I decided to start streaming.
My hope was to get more people on my serverstreaming. So after a few requests this guide was born.
I wanted to offer a short guide on how easy it was to start streaming. ( this is only one easy way to start streaming, many more ways are available)

Step 1: Who is going to host your stream!
The main site I chose to host my stream was TWITCH.
The reason is because its fast easy and free. Visit the link above and sign up for your free account.

Step 2: Get the program to record and send the stream to Twitch
I went with a free streaming software called Open Broadcaster Software
Visit the site and download the program and install it.

Step 3: Connecting the software to Twitch
Go to your twitch “Dashboard” and you should find this screen.
This is the place to get your stream key to add to your software.
The blue arrows are pointing to where you find the key.
The red arrow is pointing to a link to find different software to use.

Step 4 : Plug in key to your software
Open the software and click setting.
Then click broadcast settings.
See image below for a visual.

If you find that your video is seeming sluggish try dropping your frame rate from 60 to 30.
Also try down scaling your resolution to decrease the pixels that are transmitted.
This is achieved from the “Video” section under “Settings”.

Step 5: Add Your Source
In the sources section right clock and select Add.
Then select “Game Capture”

Step 6: Start Streaming**
Click the button to start streaming.
The broadcast program automatically broadcasts what you hear and say through and team chat programs.
Feel free to add other sources to add text or more video to your stream.

Hope this guide was helpful.
If you have questions comments or feedback please just post below.
Constructive comments will be read, negative comments will be ignored.

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Or if you have a fancy computer you can just use nvidia shadowplay which has twitch streaming built-in

I suppose that’s an option. I was just providing a free way that I know most people could utilize.

I’ve used it and its not the best, yet.

Thanks for the tutorial OP

Definitely a good way to get your feet wet in streaming.
Like I said this is just how I achieved a free solution.

Last time I tried shadowplay it was god awful. It had a bunch of audio-syncing bugs, and it wasn’t just audio sync for the stream, but for you as well, but I suppose it may have been when it was first included in the update though.

Agreed id rather run a separate and light software to capture the video and audio.

Obs is great I also use it to record videos for youtube

For sure its a great tool.
This tutorial is just 1 way to use it.

Not a “fancy computer”, it would have to be a “fancy gpu”, a NVIDIA GPU (GTX 650 or higher) to be specific and I’d say there are still better streaming options than shadowplay.


You’re welcome , hope to see more rust streamers on the interwebs!

I’m sure the internet already got enough videos of naked mens.

Haha thanks for the guide.

Why is everyone giving this guy a " dumb " ? This is clearly a nice and informative topic. Somenthing that it’s easy for you might be quite hard for some people.

Thanks for the topic OP. Even though i dont stream i understand your goal in doing this topic <3.

Very helpful to new people wanting to stream.

P.s not all players who stream are looking for fame and money, some just want to be social.

You are welcome good sir gopherloaf !

That’s one way to advertise your server.

I would also add some requirements…
for uploading 720p and medium quality you need at least 2000kbit/s upload.
you can test your upload at and set your upload rate at 75% because your upload can drop.
also the encoding preset depends on your cpu.
and another tip…
dont get any dropped frames. dropped frames lead to lags in your stream which is annoying.
when you get frame drops your settings (fps, resolution, coding preset) are to high or your upload speed you typed in is too high.
example: i have 2000 kbit/s upload and used it in my settings but got huge frame drops and i didnt know what caused them.
then i put my upload rate down to 1600kbit/s and now i can stream medium quality games in 720p without any frame drops

(unashamed) YES IT IS :slight_smile:

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Thanks and I appreciate the legit tip. I have been working on my settings and have some info to change in the guide to help refine the quality of the video.