So you've never played on Haven's server

So you’ve never heard of Haven, let me tell you about our clan.

  • We have 24/7 admin coverage due to our clan members being from every timezone in the world.

  • We have access to enough resources on our server, to host 500 users without any concern. We limited our user base to 100 to ensure maximum server response time for our players.

  • Our admins NEVER cheat. Our admins are hand selected from our most trusted members, they are all required to never misuse any administrative powers for their own purposes. They all agree to only turn on admin powers when dealing with cheaters/hackers.

  • We do quarter hour backups, this ensures that if the game starts glitching up, we have plenty of restore points to choose from.

Feel free to join us today! Our server name is “Haven | PVP/Sleeper - JUST WIPED”

If you have any questions concerns, feel free to message me on steam: Haven | Nut Custard


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I forgot to note, this server was just wiped as of Dec 20th. We have an average population of 10 players across all timezones (EU/AU/US).

Quick update: We had 20 people on earlier today! (server high)

We are now doing nightly reboots at 3am EST!

Well, we had a great evening, server has been stable with approx. 15 players. All are welcome to try are server!

We peaked today at 25 players! We have a very friendly community! All are welcome :slight_smile: