Soap Crouching and Shooting a TAR

C&C n stuff

The muzzle flash edit looks pretty good.

Posing looks good to me. The crappy level textures are kinda distracting, but that’s not your fault.

Why do I keep getting rated dumb?

Cause people are assholes

People who rate you dumb are just butthurters that don’t like to give you advice or to praise. Just ignore the crap. Good job on the shell smokes.


It’s a good picture. The muzzle flash is good, and the glow from it is nice as well. Posing as fine too, although it’s really generic. The smoke is too opaque though :confused:

You kinda over did the shading, muzzleflash is good but too big.
Otherwise its really good, Artisitic from me.

Nice flash but the smoke looks a bit hard and pasted on.

It couldnt be more generic.
Editing and everything else seems nice.

dat muzzleflash aint right