Soap escaping an OpFors

BlackBars + Grain



wow you koreans should start some kinda group called like

Rated funny.

Yeah, I’d totally join G.E.N.E.R.I.C, but I ain’t Korean, I’m Czech FYI.

too much bloom.

We don’t care what you are really.

Whatever, I’m here to show my pics. If you don’t like it…Don’t like it.
There are people, who will like my pictures and there are people who won’t. I can’t do shit about. (Well, only thing I can do is making ULTRA-EPIC pictures…)

on here it’s different
if we don’t like it then you need to improve!!!

Yeah, but admit it, my pictures are A LOT better than Kyno’s (or whatever his name was…)
And I know that. That’s all I will tell you about THIS thing, alright?

I’m sorry, I just had to do it.

I would think the Opfor farthest to the right would be firing at him, and the one next to him would have a weapon. Farthest right guy looks stiff, running Opfor looks fine but should have a weapon, farthest to the left Opfor looks like he just got shot and is in the process of falling down but there should be someone that just shot him if that’s so. Good job posing soap.

Um what, I said we don’t care what you are as in nationality wise. How does that mean we don’t like your pictures?

also work on your grammar/spelling
Soap escaping an OpFors isn’t proper.
It should be like: Soaping escaping from OpFors

How do you now? I care were people are from

Nejak se mi nelibi jeho drzeni tela :stuck_out_tongue:

Bur yeah something feels weird on his posture. Too erect for what he’s doing.

I don’t even get this picture.

The angle is shit and it looks like filter rape, also posing needs work.

Looks great, but Soap’s face is expressionless.
Thats the only part i dont like, also, I’d probably add another opfor guy after him

Am i the only one who is getting very tired of these Cod pictures?

Yeah, I’m not home, so if I post any pics, it will probably end up like this.
Once I get home, it should be fine, lol.

  • Alright everyone. If you don’t care about my nationality, why do you reply to it, then? - makes no sense for me… -

  • Unfortunately, the Soap model is not faceposable.

  • I’m not good at running poses…

  • And finally, the dead guy. This -should- be from the time, when Ghost was alive and he could be hidden there with a sniper rifle. (Yeah, this explanation sucks.)

He looks like he stopped and was like: “Dude… there’s cameramen…”