Soap, Ghost, And the l4d2 crew. (i smell loads of flaming to come xD!)

Catching up with the L4D2 crew, at their rural hideout.

I smell NPCs in the first pic.

Ergh. Don’t use simple DOF. It’s shite.

just to put out the coming fire about this, im going to answer this quickly. Yeah the guy on the left was an npc, the rest were rag dolls, lots of bullet models, and alot of posing time.

Is this a troll thread?

Quality over quantity man >:(

And why is Soap, talking by the cellphone while using .357 bullets for a rifle?

Why are the shotguns ejecting millions of pistol shells?

because this thread smells like troll stuff…

you were right to expect negative reaction for this

but it’s not so bad ifyou’re new to this

Thanks :). This is my third try at ragdoll posing/scene set up.

Oh and the Misc. ammo was just there for looks, and he might of had a .357 pistol somewhere under him(the .223 clips are already in his ammo pouches on his waist).
Oh and he could be talking on the cell phone for a number of reasons, maybe his radio went out ect. he obviously looks like hes in a screwed situation and needs help…

Unfitting red car is unfitting.
Don’t use CSS models. They are incredibly low rez.
Soap looks weird holding that cell phone. I think he should have a radio or a military phone (but that’s just IMO)

And why is the Jimmy Gibs car covered in lube?

“Guys, cover me. I gotta take this.”

LOL, <3 that someone can creatively exploit my invitation to interpretation.