Soap in the Midst of Ambusing a Juggernaut

Descriptive it is.

Voila Here is the product of 3 hours of work. Not the Greatest. But I don’t care.

C&C and all that Jazz. :buddy:


Yeah. Enjoy Or Don’t.

he’s holding that gun (the juggernaut) wrong.
you usually want to have your weapon’s stock to your shoulder or atleast between your arm and torso, not sticking way out there
makes it hard to hold too. m249s are heavy

Posing on Soap looks good. The Juggernaut could use some tweaking on his pose. Editing looks pretty good.

Good overall though

Well let’s pretend he’s on patrol and relaxed. And the Juggernaut is quite wide, so it’s kinda hard to pose him in a relaxed stance.

That helps a bit. :buddy:


Thanks guy.

Fuck that, I would run like a pussy.

juggernaut shouldn’t be sharp in all that dof

Dodgy isolation on the rifle.

Kewl pic, though the Juggernaut could be posed better.
I gotta ask though, where can one aquire that model?

Yeah, Agreed. The Real Juggernaut fires from the hip.

“hm a gun sticking out from around that corner better not check it out or anything.”

camping picture on the wall is kinda ironic

Thats why it’s there :buddy:


Sorry I cannot remember the link or find it for the life of me. Sorry.

But Soap’s Mdel is in the TFB pack or whatever on .org

But assault rifles can’t penetrate the juggernaut’s armor!