Soap killed rebel at two shots .

just practice :slight_smile:

C&C please

Umm, how is Soap actually Price?

You know there is no light source that could create that rimlight.

Unless that pistol has one seriously big muzzleflash.

Soap = 1.99€ = Price
Soap = Price.

Posing like that is only to get away from finger posing. It is still an ok pic, although the rim light makes no sense.

Well it looks nice but your english is broken :confused:

I think the rim lighting KIND of fits, but that’s just my opinion.


i like it.

should have broken the glass behind that guy’s head for effect, rim lighting does look strange, where’s the dead guy’s gun? that’s hardly fair and you don’t shoot someone who doesn’t have a weapon, you knife them, unless your knife is stuck in a person’s skull, happens to me too

A nice double tap, could be great depending on which bullet was shot first.

Anyway, the guys posing looks a bit off. I’m not sure why that is.

Rebel? More like an insurgent to me.

that’s cool

he is actually kinda rebel. ultranationalists are not insurgents.


and is he really soap?

I don’t know but i have an image of the ending photo of call of duty 4

How could that possibly be Soap? I don’t even like the game much and I know that guy is one of the Force Recon dudes, the one who is always giving orders to you before the shit hits the fan and you die in the Sea Knight.

Soap is not black.

Nothing against black people.

That guy isn’t black.

Lt. Vasquez or something

Weird photo, he is actually black.
But that’s pretty offtopic. w/e.

… he’s not black. He’s blatantly white. Look at the hands.


Or the face. Or any other skin you can see.