Soap stalking a Russian and Ghost spying on other Russians.


Gimme an H!
Gimme a U!
Gimme an R!
Gimme another R!
What does that spell?

Presented in SottalyTober-O-Vision.

Love the second pic bro, nice posing

You clever bastard. Second image could use some editing, why no DoF?

Cause, you are supposed to see them playing chess, not two brown blurs with another brown blur in between with a white blur on top.

Nice chess posing.

But wait! Theres more!

Dis is Gary
Gary can run
Gary can jump
Gary can hide
Dis is Gary when a Russian goes by :smiley:

Gary is dead
Gary is sad
stupid russian >:c

Why’s my name in this thread…

I use that term for screenshots that are funny but they are not edited.

Oh, K.

These are pretty good. I like misleading thread titles. :v:


Haha :smiley:


what a misleading thread damn i lol’d so hard

Poor gary :C

lmao man nice

Oh my god, it took me a minute then I lol’d

I was doing something like this but I didnt had any nice ghost model and me no have TF2 :C

I lol’ed.