"Soap! Why does it rain?" Soldier is wondering


Yeah tested Photoshop CS5 out :smiley: this is the result!
C&C Please!

The rain is flat.

and looks pretty bad.

thanks :frown:

dont forget to zoom, look at that fisheye! yikes!

If the soldier was stretching his arm to check if it’s raining, his hand would’ve been straight. And either way, the soldier wouldn’t do the movement itself, because he is wearing a glove. Think before posing. Think.

Rain is bad, too flat. The splashes however, are pretty good. How did you make them?


click image.


probably the star tool on maximum scatter.

first: no when i check the rain my hand isnt straight!
second: with photoshop and some effects



ninjas not really lole


buuuuuut i dont !

and to answer his question:

Buuuuuuuuut I don’t caaaaaaaaare. You asked for criticism. Don’t cry when you get it.

no i dont cry :xd: yeah its ok i try to make better pictures next time!

Posing is awkward, rain has no depth and looks less like rain and more like someone took to the camera lense with a piece of garnet paper, the rain impacts look like some kind of fucked up dust instead of water splashes and were so obviously brushed on it’s not funny. Camera is fisheyed as hell and (as least as far as I can tell on my laptop, so take this with a grain of salt) the colour balance and contrast is totally fucked.