Sobel postprocessing filter: now live

So, yesterday, the 72th patch added the Sobel filter, and I’m interested in how the populace of this subforum has managed to exploit it. It works great if you Color Mod the image a bit (slight desaturation), and aliasing is easily avoided by using the Super DoF. Since I was late to the new background contest, I decided to go as pretentious as I could and take pride in these two screenshots. The map is gm_zonstruct.

I’m interested in seeing your sobellized (:ohdear:) creations; let’s roll them in!

Looks like Borderlands.

Oh God the possibilities…

Sobel looks actually horrible in real-time; yet for a few situations, it’s a godsend!

looks kinda cool

Just wish he could develop a one that only went on edges instead of along textures and flat brushes.

Yes he must do that.


ore hee dyez

Sobel has a unique effect when exposed to a textureless wall…

Ever wanted an acid trip, only legal and during a one-time pay? WELL NOW YOU CAN!!!

Sweet zombie jesus!
that’s awesome!

:350: + Screenshoot = :dominic:

Remember kids, for a quick, free, and safe acid trip, just set up a sobel post processing in gmod and make the white rooms in gm_construct invisible!

I’m having fun with this!


Simple beauty, that, my friends, is simple beauty…

Well, If you combine it with some of the other filters, you can have some fun.

EDIT: Here’s a better use


Fuck my eyes.