Sobel Spy

yeah its awesome

I’m scared, Mum.

best use of sobel, ever, hands down



Gah, you’re such a downer

Its a sobel raped derp spy.

Everything that’s posted doesn’t have to be either crap or fucking awesome. Some screenshots can be downright funny without being even remotely good.


I can see that, I still chuckled.

Well in my opinion its crap

Don’t like it, leave it.

But I want to let everybody know what I think. :downs:

Combine, everything you address is shit.
In my opinion, you should keep YOUR shit opinions to yourself.


Thats not true.
The only pictures I dont like are those military poses and troll poses.

I’m fine with people calling that… derp thing whatever they like, aslong as they dont start flaming me or shit.

Long story short: I was in Gmod for the first time in several months 7 AM in the morning, after being awake the whole night getting into that part where you laugh at every possible thing :v:

I’m going to try to stay neutral on this one. (The )Combine is allowed to comments that he sees as bad. He isn’t wrong for having an opinion. But I agree, it isn’t funny and is filter raped.

This doesn’t mean I find both of you entirely wrong. If the pose itself is bad (paraphrasing you Haxxer), it should have gone in the troll pose thread, or the post your pic but didn’t want to make a thread thread. And (The )Combine, if you’re going to say it’s bad, try to offer constructive criticsm as well.

Thanks for that heads up, but I really had no idea what I was doing and posted it here for fun. the end

aka shit you can’t make.

aka shit thats always posted and always looks the same

And who are you?