Soccer Player/Footballer Citizens?

I’m not sure where the hell I came up with this idea, but I did. In short, I was wondering if there were any games with decent soccer players that could be ported and headhacked with citizen heads. It’s actually for a pose that I wanted to do, so if possible, their uniforms would be Combine colors (keeps it simple, being dark blue, and also so that it isn’t really nation-specific), and would have all 9 male citizen heads (possible bodygroups and skingroups for the goalie?) on the same base.

I know for a fact that no one has requested this type of thing before, so I’m looking for feedback on this.

So far, I’ve found FIFA 10 as one of the more recent games for Windows. Anyone know if that can be ported from?

Bump, just to see if anyone still knows about this or is interested in doing it.

So, I guess I should edit my request. Can someone port a soccer player from FIFA 10, give him an all dark-blue uniform, and then hack it with citizen heads (I think someone might be able to release a FIFA 10 pack later, though, with the actual uniforms of various countries)?

Sorry for bumping, but I will try to hack it, if I get ragdoll with short pants.

Excuse my giant bump, but I’ve found a source of models

Never saw this mod before, but these look like they’d be much easier to headhack.

Although I’m not going to lie, the models themselves look strange (especially the hands)