Soccer Yoshi

Just a simple pose of Strikers Yoshi waving to his adoring fans, was messing with the strikers hex to make it “better”

That’s cute.

Fucking cute,I wanna rape that little shit.

Could use some more editing, it’s a great idea though.

Love that little dinosaurthingy.

The pose is pretty cool.
Needs editing.

I did do editing :frowning:

I shef’ed it, its not very noticable -_-

Any good editing tuts around? I only use mrwhitefolk’s tut and a SHEFing tut

The shef sucks.

Use Vman’s GIMP tutorial.

I don’t like GIMP, I use Photoshop

Whatever you like, it doesn’t matter. The same principles apply. It’s easily the best editing tutorial in the forum so use it and use it well - you’d be dumb not to.