Social Life + Rust = No good combination.

120h in not even two weeks. Attempted 4x to finally paint my house and my gaming room. Almost forgot that i had a dog. My room is a mess with thousands of dishes. And why did all this happen? Because im scared that my base gets raided while offline.

School starts next month again, i dont know how i could keep on playing rust without neglecting School and stuff… If there wouldnt be rust, i wouldnt even play games on PC anymore, theres no replacement which could fit me well. Over 1000h CSGO, 1477h ArmA III around 900 in Gmod. If there would be a new battlefield, i would surely jump on it, but there is nothing announced this year. Need help.

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Well, play it just like you’d play DayZ, have absolutely 0 attachment to your stuff and your base, and BAM you’re in the clear. That’s how most people play rust, we accept that getting raided while offline is 99% of the time going to happen, so I actually make a base, and ASSUME overnight its going to get raided, then in the morning, if its not, I have a good morning, and if it was, idc =D. But it total, don’t say “well that means its a bad game”, this is what survival games are about, just have fun while you were playing, it takes about 20-30 mins for me to get guns and a base set up

Tell me your secrets.

Step 1) Join a 500X server. Step 2) ??? Step 3) Profit!

It’s easy, if you play on a community/official get a whole bunch of stone tools and break into wood bases, sometimes you get lucky. Also globe = win most of the time for me. I also once on some random server found a fully kitted guy and ALL his loot in some random light house including quarry’s and such.

Poor guy probably logged for 3 seconds to change a setting or something and then you come along.

Less than two weeks here as well.

I’ve done that plenty of times, (100+ hours in a handful of days) 1000+ hours here.

You just need to realize that you can’t save your base and shit. You have to work or go to school.

If you want I can come on the server and ‘protect’ your base. :quotes:

It isn’t the hardest on fresh wipes, but I think 30 mins is a bit exaggerated on vanilla and for having more than a tiny shack. Unless you can already craft guns or get extremely lucky on drops.

On fresh wipes me and my friend usually just get some burlap clothes, head North and set up somewhere fairly close but not too obvious to a monument with loot spawns. The mountains have such an abundance of stone, wood and animals that we usually have our 7x7 first floor with armored doors and 2-3 furnaces within 2 hours.

From there it’s basically keep fighting at monuments, most people have bows so if you are halfway decent or make some shotguns you get some pretty good stuff to research from them, as well as drops from barrels/crates.

We usually keep a constant flow of gunpowder as we go as well, then as soon as we craft C4 we start clearing out the area of smaller houses, who often have a lot of resources (Including sulphur to replace the C4)

Last wipe we did this and within a couple of days we had bolts, AKs, bits and pieces of armor and enough 5-10 C4 even after using quite a few to raid 5 or so bases, and I’d say thats pretty decent for 2 people who both can only play a few hours a day after work.

Walk into a rad town, find a gun, build a 1X1 :slight_smile: he never said it was an amazing base lol