Social mini games hub gamemode

I want to make a social hub for people to chill and play casual mini-games.

Mini-game ideas

Bar games

  • pool/snooker
  • darts
  • table air hockey
    table football

Card games(Names may vary depending on location)

  • chase the ace
  • shit-head
  • scabby queen

Board games

  • Ludo

Hopefully a good base to start with. I do however want to extend further possibly adding some form of currency system to reward players for being on the server for extended periods of time. The could be given money for x amount of minutes on server.

The previous mini-games mentioned are often played with someone else so the reward is often winning however some games like amusements arcades games may be single player. I want to let the player spend the money they earn from being on the server to win new items. I feel short single player amusement arcade games may be a good way to do this. The players would pay with money earnt to possibly win tickets based on performance. Like with other arcades players would be able to claim prizes. These would most likely be items such a water gun or a toy helicopter. People may not wat to play arcade games but still want to spend their money. I like the idea of reserving money for new clothing beyond whats in the base game. That way people can customize themselves at the very least without having to play arcade games if they do not wish.

Amusement arcade games

  • ball drop
  • basketball hoop throw

Whatever these are image Or this image
Allowing players to set up tournaments or make bets with each other on games would also be interesting.
Now if people just wanted to waste some money I could just add poker, blackjack, slot machines or roulette.

I’m a coder first and foremost so that would be my priority but I can map, model and texture(might have to learn animation too :joy:). Maybe if people were interested I could look at getting some help.

I’m passionate about this as it reminds me of my childhood(Not the gambling bit) but also I just want to create a chill place to play with or create new friends

One other thing I was thinking of was adding trampolines and making a realistic vertex displaced shader based on where the user jumps but may have to learn shaders a little more first.


Pretty cool, but is there anything we can see about this project?
If not all this post is is a wall of text with nothing to show for it, and God knows we already have too many of those.

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so kinda like the tower gamemode?

Yh, sorta. Was told in discord it was like that, had to look it up as i was unaware but it looked crazy. Currently making a map to layout different things.

Got some intial greybox layout done.



I have created 2 new models for the gamemode. A dart and a snooker cue.

Texture Resolution : 1K
Polys : ~1K
I baked normals from a high resolution mesh to increase detail. This is especially noticable at the grip.

Texture Resolution : 1K
Polys : ~1.3K
Going to bake high resolution normals. This is needed towards the back to smooth some edges.

Item Cosmetics
Darts, cues, cards can all look very different in real life and thats something I feel could benifit in-game. Tournements could be a way to get highly exclusive skins that differenciate one player from another.

Whats Next
A darts board and a snooker/pool table is next but im also gonna start thinking about ui for each mini game. Will post updates when I have some mockups.


those pics look sick guys gg

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Did you actually make those from scratch? Honestly they look awesome

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Thanks. Yep, used some of the materials that come with substance to be quicker.

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That’s epic, they look so real lol

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Card games UI

Overall card games are often very unique so many will require tailor-made UI however similarities between card games do arise.

Many games include a pile on which cards are placed. Having cards in hand is also a regular occurrence. For card games with these aspects I want the UI to be as follows. The hand being in the bottom left with cards seperated for clarity and the pile to the right

The card game above(shithead) also includes face up cards for each player. These are shown in the top right.

I also created a floating UI concept. I want to allow the player to decide how they view the cards.

  • Switch between floating and top right for table face up cards
  • Disable table face up cards UI
  • Disable the pile UI

I want cards in hand to be visible at all times, other elements are optional as they’re already visable on the table.
UI is always subject to change based on feedback and requirements.


I really like this UI. I’ve seen casino addons for RP servers before where you literally had to look on the table to see your cards and everyone else’s cards. When there’s a bunch of cards, you’re stuck in one view angle, and half the cards are oriented upside down, that gets really annoying. Having those cards appear as UI (and with a nice aesthetic) helps alleviate that. Depending on how abstractly you code that UI, it could even form a basis for implementing other kinds of card games, which would be cool.

Thanks and yh thats the idea. With things like the pile and the cards in hand I imagine they will be very transferable across multiple card games.

The UI is very nice, looking forward to more updates.

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sounds cool, pics look nice. good job!

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Although not completely where I want it to be its a good enough starting point.


Darts UI

First the user selects the number they want. This is done by timing a spinning UI element to stop on a number. After that the user has to time where on that number it lands. The line that dictates this moves faster towards the center and slower towards the edges. This is done to increase difficulty.

Modelling in hammer

I wanted to test out how modelling faired in hammer for more detailed objects so I created a wooden barrier for seperating seating. These textures are temporary as they’re from HLA.I found many positives and negatives when modelling this more detailed object in hammer.


  • Modelling on grid is super helpful for when you want to place the model in the map
  • Being able to quickly texture the model with hammers built in texturing tools speed up the process


  • The bevel tool is lacking features that would’ve made the process a lot faster

Elaborating on the bevel tool. At the moment the bevel tool only does one thing.


This is based on the unit size. I feel giving the ability to choose the amount of segments and profile could’ve decreased the time taken to create the model. I’ve spent a lot of time using the bridge tool where a fully featured bevel tool could cut that time down.

I believe layla is already aware of this so hopefully this gets improved.

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I don’t think the line speeding up at the center and slowing down at the edges is great because the most valuable point on a dartboard is the triple 20 which as you know is near the edge. Anyways here’s my take: why, instead of doing all this intricate UI minigame don’t you make it so the player aims the hand (which has random sway) and determines the throw power by physically pulling the mouse back while holding left click and releasing to throw? Or alternatively, hold left click and quickly move the mouse upwards to mimic hand motion and release to throw with the hand/mouse momentum, that seems to match darts better.

This way players can do dares like blind throws (maybe a blindfold mechanic or something), throwing from very far away and so on.

The triple is actually closer to the center as seen in the 3rd picture. I’m not totally against the idea of the user aiming with the mouse and having to judge the power correctly similar to how golf it works. The idea of random sway adds RNG to the game. RNG makes the player feel the results of their actions are not truely represented by the game therefore frustrating the player. I could playtest both(mouse aim without sway) and see which is more enjoyable and go from there.

If you don’t add sway the game becomes too easy, and sway isn’t entirely random since you can see how it’s moving and release when the dart lines up, similar to how some games do sniping. I know I said random sway but I meant it changes direction randomly once it hits a certain point on the side and then bounces back and so on, I didn’t mean the player has seemingly a random hand shake. You know the classic “infinite” symbol sway? Like that but it changes when it reaches the edges as I said, so it’s kind of predictable but still requires the player to be alert.

I’m sure i’ll testing all sorts of methods for throwing darts.