Social Status

Social Status would be another method of initializing a hierarchy. When a name is selected from the scoreboard by a click it will open a popup box menu that would have the players NickName and SteamID as the title.

║ Nate1111’s Profile | STEAM_0:0:28365768 | Administrator | X
║ ╔════╗ Name:___________
║ ║XXXX║ Social Status: <Rank/Power Player> | <+ Rep><-Rep>
║ ║XXXX║ Money:
║ ╚════╝ Time Played: 5hrs 30min


Every player can vote once every 12 hours on each player…

Social Status Ranks:

REP Range: Rank:
<-10 Hated
0-5 Outcast
6-10 Handicap
11-15 Reject
16-20 Accepted
21-25 Popular
26-30 Superior
31-35 Street Leader
36-80 Power Player
81-90 Super Power Player
91-100 ~Custom~

If player has rank 36+ then let them run commands:
perp_bd_w --Buy Weed

perp_bd_s --Buy Shrooms

perp_sd_m --Buy Meth

perp_sd_w --Sell Seeds

perp_sd_s --Sell Shrooms


Is this something that you want? Will you pay the developer?

I will do it for half any price he offers you

No I won’t pay for it, but I highly doubt anyone can do it.

It wouldn’t even be hard to do

Sorry but this is rather simple.

Also, get to work flawless.
Half of 0 is 0 so he don’t have to pay you anything.

Shut up Science. How about you get to work coding it. Oh right, you don’t know how to code.

One hour of my time is worth more than you can afford

Actually, I’m pretty sure this has been done before. I will look around and see if I can find an addon, or maybe even attempt it myself. I am up for the challenge.
Awaits King the Troll’s(King Flawless) post: “Ha, good luck. You can’t code.”

Good luck,

You can’t code.

I’ll do this tomorrow night after I get done with what I have to do during the day.

You both are idiots…Grow up.

And I already started on something like this. I may release it, or keep it private, I don’t know. But thanks for the idea, anyway.

:wtc: I was wishing you good luck? why did that become a bad thing?

He probably thought it was sarcasm.

He must be new to the internet

I think it was because i finished your sentence :<