Society Medieval/Fantasy Roleplay (Serious - Custom CakescriptG2)


Hello Facepunch Community!

This is a new roleplay server, known as SMFRP. It’s loosely based in medieval times, however it takes place in my own universe.

The reason I made this server is because I have never seen a serious medieval roleplay server, and I felt it was something GMOD roleplay lacked.

Anyways, about the server.

The Key Concepts

The thing that hopefully differentiates this server from the many others out there is the idea of the society. The world in which you roleplay is entirely shapeable by the players.

For example, if you were to roleplay building a new building, then that building would be added the village’s “building count”. Enough buildings, and the village would grow larger, causing a map change.

Another example: A player might stumble across the recipe for gunpowder, or begin to roleplay the creation of something entirely new. Smiths need to roleplay the creation of weapons, perhaps inventing a new kind of weapon.

Finally, you can change society. One person could acquire enough wealth to hire other players, and eventually proclaim themselves mayor, or king. The citizens could revolt, destroying the nobility. It all depends.

This means the world and society within it is constantly changing.

Of course, this comes with problems. It means that players have to be more responsible, be even more sensible than on many other roleplay servers. This makes it harder for people to actually “rank up” in society, shall we say.

The Lore

Of course, this is the more intresting bit. I’ll just outline the basic history, more information can be found on the website.!-!HDLLHM!-!zrzor45!-!EHEHLNFF-IPQO-HSJM-ORON-SDKLLMMORQON!-!72y1nq/map.png

Caldaria. The most prosperous realm in the known world. Home of rich traders, powerful nobles and the almighty Emperor. Its capital city, Yankar, was the largest city of any of the realms. It traded with almost every other civilisation, and likewise housed people of every creed and colour.

Then this all changed. The black raiders came from over the sea and attacked during the night. They wiped Caldaria clean, destroying and Yankar and obliterating the realm that had taken so many generations to be built.

A small group of survivors fled Yankar. They ran, ran, as far as they could, escorted by the few remaining guards of Yankar, known as the Guards of the Watch.

Eventually, they reached western Caldaria. Unexplored, with thick jungles and dangerous swamps blocking access from land, and cliffs of unknown height blocking access from the sea. Still they pushed on.

After many months they made it. A clearing, in western Caldaria, free from the black raiders. And home to something more.

They began to rebuild.

The story takes place 8 months after the ruin of Yankar, in a village built on top of a clearing on a hill in western Caldaria.

People deal with the problems of everyday life, growing food, and just surviving.

However, the story will develop through both events and the players actions as time goes on.

Sorry for being a bit long winded, I look forward to seeing you there.

Spoffy / Gamer_cad

Steam: Spoffy (Add Friend: DSB101)
Byond: Gamer_cad
Gamertag: Dsb101

Custom Content (Links): (17/07/10)

That should contain everything (Maps, custom models, etc.). Its been a while since I’ve looked at it, since I haven’t had a need to add everything, so I can’t tell you exactly where everything goes. You should be able to work it out though.

Note: I could always use help with scripting, modelling, and the like. I do my best, but I’m a fairly newbish scripter, and it has taken me ages just to fix and mod Cakescript to get it to work. I also need responsible people to take on the rolls of admins, to help me with story, plot and just generally managing the server.

Edit: We are currently hosted by I also post announcements on their forums and such. Look them up. :slight_smile:
Edit2: Western Caldaria has come eastern Caldaria.

Don’t wanna be a bellend, but Western Caldaria is on the EASTERN side on your map. Sounds cool, though, I like original plots.

Cheers. May I also say: Well Noticed. Did I not mention the map is upside down? :slight_smile:

Cool, a medieval roleplay and it is based on cakescript! :smiley:

Then the Eastern Empire of the Nomads is actually on the west. It might help to add a compass so you can see what’s up and what’s down?

Either way, looks good. Hope it lasts.

Cheers. That’s a good idea. It’d be far easier to put an upside down compass on the map than rearrange everything :P.

Edit: I’ll arrange a get together this sat around 5pm GMT if anyone’s interested.
Edit2: Custom Content links added for anyone intrested.

omg dude 10 hours to download?yeah right

Pretty cool.

If it’s 10 hours, it’s probably because your internet is slow. THe file is only 100mb, smaller than a lot of serious RP servers. And thanks Lau.

If you download at 2.6kb per second I would shoot yourself and get off the internet ASAP.

Server sounds alright, not much into medieval role-play personally though.

Cheers, I think it has got a bad rep. So when I finally manage to get enough people together to get a good playerbase, I’ll start showing people how it’s done properly :slight_smile:

i do not see any serious effort been put into this.

He was right it appears.

Yeah, I’ve been really busy lately. I’d love to get enough people together to get some decent roleplay going. I’ll try and organise something for this saturday, if you keep an eye on the forums (Which nobody ever checks. 0_0)

Ok, the last of the bugs have been fixed and an MOTD has been set up. Everything should be finished for the time being.

Say, how did you fix the animations in Cakescript?

do you have any gameplay pictures-videos?

Which Cakescript animations Vinze (It may be worth pointing out I’m using custom models (For males… no female peasant skins… GAH) which I hexxed myself, and rigged with the standard citizen animations.).

And no, not yet brown. We had 6 or 7 people on yesterday, but only 3 of us knew how to RP… so it didn’t last too long. I’ll get some pictures soon.

Well, I know cakescript interpolates animations. So basicly, due to Garry’s update, it broke, and everyone got T-posed. I’m guessing you managed to fix that, correct?

Or is everyone transporting themselves on a crucifix with wheels?

It’s easy, I know how, if you want help I’ll show you.