Society - The creation of a Community


**What is Society? Well, Society is a more relaxed roleplaying gamemode/theme based on survival on a fictional island, in a fictional area
environmentally similar to Jamaica.

The theme, is all about survival with primitive methods, not including the use of metals, to construct a
organised society with a flowing, rich roleplay. Everyone of the island’s community will have to do something useful in order for the community
to thrive. For example, food and water will be necessary in order to live, so everyone will have to do play their own role in order for society
as a whole to survive. For example, for food, someone will need to grow it, someone will need to cook it, and then you have food to survive.
For water, someone will have to collect in, then boil it, or use a stil in order for the water to be clean to drink.

Structures, will need to be made, which will take a process. This process for example, lets say you wanted to make I-Beams, first you would
need to mine the proper metals, and have the right tools and equipment( which you also had to craft), then you can craft the I-Beams and
make your buildings! But that’s optional as you could always cut down trees and get wood and just make poles or planks. Or… live on the sand
or the buildings provided by the map( If any. )**


**Opposed to giving you 400 paragraphs explaining each one, I’ll just say each one with a brief description, if you have questions,
post and ask.

  • Farming. You will be able to grow plants, specifically fruit, vegetables, but you will also be able to grow plants used in medecines
    and spices. You will also to be able to grow Marijuana, if you know exactly what you’re doing.

  • Fishing. You will be able to fish for multiple types of fish, some fish may require different methods of fishing( Cage, net, harpoon
    and rod ).

  • Woodcutting. You will be able to cut tree entities down and harvest the wood, which can be turned into poles, planks, tools and other

    • Mining and smithing*. You can mine ores, and then smith them for use in tools, construction, decoration and weaponry.
    • Character Names *. When you join, you will be prompted a menu to name your character, which will be displayed over your head and in
    • Human Needs . Excluding going to the bathroom, which you can roleplay but I’m not making a feature for… You will have to eat and
      drink in order to survive. Not tending to these needs will result in death.

Well there’s no media, but there will be soon so don’t worry.

Development Team
Lua Development
- LauScript

     * Graphical design, texture design *
   - Hazard


Looks really nice. I’m looking forward to it.

Steven is the creator’s friend btw

Been dying for this gamemode for a while, good luck and I hope this one isn’t abandoned as well :saddowns:

Yes he is but I’ll have you know I didn’t tell him to post anything. :slight_smile: I’m sure everyone is aware and even if not, cool!

I’m working on the farm system now, by the way.

Did you play the old one?

Add me on steam please…

Sent username to your inbox.

It seems I have you blocked for some reason, and I just removed most of my blocked people and it still says you’re blocked. Tell me what you want in PM, or on here either way.


PM me.

Will the fishing be CapsAdmin or GoFish type?

You throw bait on a string, throw it in the water and wait until you catch a fish.

Unless you’re fishing with a net or a cage or harpoon then it’s different.

Man, this is very original. This hasn’t been done before at all. Cough STRANDED Cough

That’s not roleplay, though.

clearly didn’t read the thread.

And what Artyom said.

I am really looking forward to this, I have been dyeing for a good RP gamemode to come out( hate all you want, I love RP )

Reminds me of island troll tribes from WC3.
Im looking forward to this.

Sound like GMStranded, however in my opinion, this has the same elements minus the role-play, I recommand adding more content then it has. For example, give out different types of wood (like minecraft), More skills (blacksmithing for working on weapons such as blades, Toolmaking for making tools, make it feel more like Wurm Online). Allow Stone to be used for building to make walls, add shitloads of content, hell make different type of medical plants and add in poison and disease that hinder you down until 15 minutes or more or drink the right medicine.

Blacksmithing is already being incorporated. And I need to get more than 1 basic modeller to be honest, any of you know how to model?

This looks very nice. Much better than all the “hurrdurr look I’m a gangster” type roleplays. Will you have a test server up when you get it to a working stage?

Yes I will. I will be working on it all day tomarrow, and I plan on getting 3 or more of the features completed.