This is a gamemode project that I am creating from scratch.
The pickaxe and hatchet models are from stranded, however (although I might get models made instead)

Alex (myself) - Lua coder/creator
zzzdude - Modeler (and he’s cool)
We still need a mapper!

You start out with only a pocket knife when you spawn, and you can chose to create or join another tribe.
If you create your own tribe, you’re going to need to get some materials using your pocket knife to make a city hall building, a mandatory building to be able to create other structures - which are needed to gain resources and items and the such.
Each tribe gets 1 city hall building, tribes can be passworded if they are friends-only.
Currently, since I need to learn how to model still, city hall is just a dumpster with some additions to it.

Finished buildings:
City Hall - Mandatory building for all tribes
Science Lab - Earn technology for use inside this building. Technology is used to make better tools, increasing your prop limit, getting soil for faster plant growth, and getting better props to create.
Hospital - New medicines/drugs are made here ranging from healing you to slowing down the speed at rate things move down (like your thirstiness)
The more time a building is around the higher the level (buildings have levels depending on how long they’re up.)
Armory - This is where you create weapons for battles and the such
Buildings upgrade over time, and every 10 levels your building gets you get a big upgrade (including building model change) max level a building can be is going to be 30 (maybe 40) An example for a “big upgrade” would be for instance like in an armory you start out with only being able to make melee weapons (like crowbars), then you move onto handguns and so on.


HUD is not completely finished yet, and all the resources aren’t either.

Some quick 2D3D:

Super Slow and horrible inventory gif

Great working inventory

(max items wasn’t finished in this picture)

To create a better system (because I would like tribes to trade), I’m making a magical “jewel” that is needed to build a lot of sturctures. This is a rock that is only found in the deep depths of the map. In this area there is no trees or water to live off of.
This will make tribes trade items for the jewel (like 30 rocks for 2 jewels)

Currently Done:
Stat setup/saving
Gaining resources
Dropping items
Creating city hall (as well as not being able to make another city hall and not being able to be too close to other tribes.)
Some of the HUD
Some tools
Part of the leveling system

I will be adding more content to the thread as I move along (and to the main post)

Anyone who helps out or contributes to the gamemode (ie a map or a great suggestion) will get something called “cool” where you can set your chat title, playermodel, and hat!)

Good luck with working on a new gamemode!

It is always fun to try something different.

Reminds me of stranded except with awesome buildings. Great idea.

The buildings will also have levels and over time if they don’t get destroyed (I want to add a PVP system kind of thing) then they level over time. The more of a level, the better stuff it can make and the more it may produce.
Also will be more realistic, because tribes trade things (maybe for jewels, since you go in the deep areas to get them.)

I’ve planned this gamemode quite thoroughly.

Looks pretty cool if you don’t screw it up…of course that applies to quite a bit of stuff. Try to make it different than stranded, and make sure to add a help menu by pressing a F1 or something… Stranded didn’t really like new players it seems. No help and the existing players didn’t help, or know anything…

Sounds a bit like empires. A bit.

Kind of a mix around of a bunch of stuff to create a new gamemode environment :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to PLAY!

Update, made some quick 3D2D stuff for the city hall. (also made it save the tribe’s name for the city hall and the owner of that tribe. The 3d2d isn’t 100% done yet.)

Also made the new jewel rock (it’s shiny and purple, it’s pretty nice.) and mining it works good too (probability of mining it is lowered since it’s a rarer rock)
Probably going to add the levels to the HUD now (and have F4 or some key open/close them.)

This looks pretty promising, I can’t wait to try it out. Once tribes establish their buildings and all, will they engage in some sort of warfare with other tribes similar to stranded or is there a completely different approach?

Well the approach at working with other tribes is all dependent on what you want to do, I have an idea in mind (not sure if it’s going to stay or what but) where the player must “accept” to pvp with someone else, and when someone dies they drop a certain percentage of their resources or something - or I may make some kind of pvp points or something, not 100% sure how I’ll be handling it yet.
Stealing will also be allowed, going to create a skill so those who have dropped their resources (their is a limit on how many you can hold) other people can come and press use on it, then you’ll attempt to steal. A simple slash with the pocket knife you spawn with will stop the player from stealing, and this will make players want to build bases. Not sure how I’ll prevent stealing spam, though.
For destroying other’s buildings, there’s another skill that will allow you do to this with melee weapons (obviously a skill that take a good amount of time to do) that will give some resources back to you or something like that (maybe some jewels) I’ll probably add health to the building’s and their 3D2D UI.

This all allows for the player to chose what they would like to do, raid player’s items, attack fortresses, or build and defend.

Hoping to get a big day of work in tomorrow, maybe even get a video up since it’s hard to show things in images. (except gifs)

Looks good keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Looks very good, I’ll be sure to test this out when you get a beta or something up.

About time there was something similar to Stranded. Can’t wait to try it also.

If I was a little child, I would draw.
I would draw
a cardboard.
I need some concept art. What’s a city hall look like to you anyways?!
Not a cardboard, that’s for sure.

Guy above is our new modeler by the way.

Me and the modeler (above) decided we’re going to make it tf2-style cartoony.
(mainly because we’re both lazy and actual textures would take too long)

I like how you made the City Hall model accurately portray real life City Halls.

So will all the buildings etc stay around after you disconnect and reconnect, and over server restarts?


Also I wouldn’t mind mapping for you guys, as long as you have some idea of what you want it to look like.

They will stay for about 3 or 4 minutes after you disconnect (as well as the tribe and anything else you have.) Although if you have another player in your tribe everything that you have will be given to them after you leave. (if you have more then 2 players, it’ll give it to the second player who joined.)
I might add some code for them to stay over server restarts (although I can’t predict when the server is going to crash, only on changelevels and the such.)
It wouldn’t be too hard at all.

We have a small idea of what we want the map to look like, we know we need a more grassy-type-land area with trees around (currently the trees are entities but I can easily change that, as well as rocks.) as well as some water or rivers, but there’s no specific idea.
Then, we need more of a swampy-type area or a cave where there isn’t any water you can drink and no trees you can plant (there is specific materials that you can plant/make buildings on.) which is where the “magic jewels” will be.

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