SOCOM 4 & MAG PS3 Models Request Thread

I was just curious, seeing as there’s been a demand for “The Last of Us” models, and some Uncharted models as well, and not to forget about the Killzone models that came out… But who else here besides me would like to see all the SOCOM 4 and MAG models become available? Is this as possible?

I’m new to model ripping via software, but if this is possible, I’d definitely be interested in getting these models and making them available to the public. Though until I get a new computer or OS for my macbook pro, I’m kinda screwed, so until then.

It is curious, but after all these years no one has published any method for the extraction of textures and models of the last games of “zipper”
Keep in mind that “Socom 4” and “MAG”, share similar containers (ZRB) and the textures can be extracted manually to convert to a “bmp” format with “texturefinder”


So at least someone has looked into it! Is this literally the only record of anyone trying anything regarding SOCOM and MAG thisistheend?


That is insanely sad considering the other games here getting attention. WOW…
I’ll be trying to find a way for these two games, if anyone else out there wants to help let me know. I’ll have to wait until I can get a new computer or extra copy of Windows and a larger hard drive for it, so until then I’m powerless for the cause.

That just blows my mind that these two games haven’t been targeted with the tenacity that we see with other games out there…
Getting the models as opposed to the textures would be nice, would make for a great first step. SOCOM 4 also has some really great animations to extract, some of the best for military themed shooters I’ve ever seen.
I really don’t even like S4 as a finished product, mainly because like so many others, I was wanting a SOCOM 1 or 2 sequel, instead they took an amazing foundation in SOCOM 4 and turned it into CoD : Among Thieves. Kinda disheartening considering SOCOM 2 is pretty much the greatest MP console shooter of all time, the HALO stomper…

At any rate, if there’s people out there who have an interest in these games, let me know, we can work together getting this stuff out there.

how good is the model quality in the game?

The scripts indicate that the models are in dae format, but first you have to find a tool to unzip the ZRB files .


-- Red Faction

  StreamedCharacterClassInfo = {
    Id = "Red_Light_1a",
    Model = "/art/game/characters/char_models/red/red_fp1_arms/red_fp1_arms.dae",
    original_mat = "art/game/materials/character/red/red_fparms_l1a.mat",
    replacement_mat = "",

The animations are in KHavok format…

    <ANIMSET name="a_prone_aim_sweep" category="" filename="art/game/characters/animation/a_prone_aim_sweep.hkx" clip="0" speed="0" ncycles="1">
        <CATEGORY filename="art/game/characters/animation/a_prone_p_aim_sweep.hkx" clip="0" speed="0" ncycles="1">
            <CATEGORYVALUE name="weapon" value="pistol"></CATEGORYVALUE>
        <CATEGORY filename="art/game/characters/animation/a_prone_l_aim_sweep.hkx" clip="0" speed="0" ncycles="1">
            <CATEGORYVALUE name="weapon" value="launcher"></CATEGORYVALUE>

Well it just so happens to be that I have been working with .dae files for a little while now with Marvelous Designer and Brigade 3’s path tracing engine. With enough work we’ll be getting through this, thanks for the code thistheend, I’ll be looking into and getting back to you ASAP.

Yes they are, especially if you have a good Zbrush library of really nice alphas, you can take these mesh models and turn them into something incredible. Everything in there makes for a really great base mesh-model, and a lot of them are really great anatomy references for someone trying to model from scratch or close to it. And they’re also really great for animators trying to develop a good bones/weight rig for scripting. Definitely one of the better “gold mines” of mesh that’s out there.

So if anyone is out there who’s good with this stuff, and can help speed up the process with the .dae and khavok files, then the faster we get this stuff out there to everyone.

Simply youtube some S4 MP game play and peak the models for yourself.

I have a sneaking suspicion that these ZRB files might need to be renamed and then unzipped/extracted from, just a suspicion.

from .zrb to .smk or something…

send me a PM with some ZRB files , maybe I can check the models :wink:

Isn’t there a way to still pop in a MAG disc and get everything you need? I’m asking because the game is Multiplayer Only, and SOCOM 4’s servers got shut down, wonder if this gets in the way, other than that I think I know of a way to get around it.

Like using Xlink or something, lux let me know if someone sent you the files or not.

OK… I have socom 4 but I don’t have the games and console in my house for now

i sent you a zrb sample…

What exactly do you mean, you just don’t have the console?


I’m amazed that there isn’t even much out there on a public google search or anything regarding .zrb compression/unzipping and extraction/conversions. Weird, there’s one page and this is it

If you read the bit directly after what you underlined in your post’s quote, luxox said that they don’t currently have the games or console in their house. I’d assume that they have the game and the console for it at another place for the time being.

I checked vehicles_vehicle_antonov70.zrb (thanks thistheend) and is very easy extract models and textures (models are not dae)

Sweet… is that the MAG cargo plane that air drops parachute troops when they spawn?

I wonder if DLC models are able to be extracted, might have to look for a way to upload them somehow.

max script?
you can shared the method for the extraction?

MAG was a pretty underrated game, I liked the game and how the guns looked. Would be nice if someone could get some models from it.

I agree with you; Great game of Zipper Int.

I hope to get the models soon xd