"Soda Disposer" - Rube Goldberg


Watch in HD, please.
High Definition (130mb, 1280x720, 60 fps, DivX avi)

After the “success” of my first Rube Goldberg, "Soda Machine", I’ve decided to do another one.
Now, after almost exactly a year after the first, here is my second Rube Goldberg, the “Soda Disposer”.

2:08 runtime
Made in Garry’s Mod
Recorded using Source Recorder’s Demo Smoother
Edited using WMM & Sony Vegas
Music by Luke Vibert, “Tank! (Luke Vibert Remix)”.

Special thanks to Alex22 for his acting as the not so patient soda disposer.


http://maurice.gmod.de/Soda Disposer-SAVE.zip

Press Undo to let the soda start.
I know it doesn’t work a lot of times. Blame gamemode_reload.

Feedback is very appreciated!

In all forms this is badass, way surpasses your first video.

That is epic.
I like the Cowboy Bebop theme song.

Why remix the Bebop theme? It was perfect the way it was!

Epic anyways

You can’t upload 60fps videos. 29.9 fps is the NTSC standard

Amazing! Those camera paths were excellent, and those contraptions were very creative

I never seen anything like this, Good job!


Do even the words “More awesome then Jesus!” Describe this enough?

awesome. there should be a contest to see the most complicated gmod machine(u would proably win). cant wait for the save.

That was totally awesome! This would make an awesome Gmod trailer on the steam page. It really shows what Gmod is capable of doing.

Awesome work.

That was fucking awesome. I still remember the first one. You’re fucking incredible at making these rube goldberg devices, well done.

Amazing. It’s good to see Gmod being used for its initial purpose. :slight_smile:

Bloody. Fucking. Genius. You good sir, have won the internet.

Holy piss.

Holy fuck, I’m speechless right now. That was fucking fantastic Excellent job!


Now to go watch the video again…

This is the sexiest thing I’ve seen in a long while.

That was… well EPIC!!! give savegame :open_mouth: i want a gooo!!^^

I’m impressed. :smiley:

Epick skill