Soda Physics Guns

First came this just as a joke

Then I made this one

If u have a favorite soda that u want to be made into a physgun just post here!


Dr. Pepper

What’s with the terrible LOD world models?


lol I’ll love making slurm I’m a big futurama fan as you can see



My graphics arent the best. Don’t worry I’ll take new pics.


Well here’s the Dr.Pepper one (fixed the link that always happens right when I post the file);.jpg

If I wasn’t banned I would have suggested it, lol, thanks a lot man!:frogc00l:

Here’s the slurm physics gun Leo Leonardo requested.


Thanks! I’ll use the Dr. Pepper one :smiley:

Great ideas, using slurm, thanks a lot.

thanks , and no problem

Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make an “Arnold Palmer Half-&-Half Lite” arizona iced tea?!?!?!?!?!?


omgomgomg 7up. Its the best around. 8D

Sierra Mist.


7up, Sunkist and A&W to complate the Dr Pepper family

The world model is ugly tbh

I can’t believe no one said this yet.

Can you do Dr. Breen’s Private Reserve?

The world model of any gun is ugly.


D’oh! Of course! This!