Soft Power: Issue 01

Thanks for reading. Issue 02, I promise, will be made.

Congrats on an impressive release, it must have taken you a long time to make. Are you interested in getting some constructive criticism?

Please, I welcome constructive criticism.

Edit: I am also working on the inconsistent sizing issue.

It’s a pretty neat comic. I like how you gave her the name “Dora” :3. Also, some of your pictures are streched a bit too far horizontally. If you ever are in a bind between streching a picture vertically or horizontally, a horizontally streches picture is always better looking than a vertically stretched one.

How you’ve set it up now leaves a lot of interest in seeing where you’re going to go with this. Seems like you have a lot to work with! Aside from some stretched images, everything was pretty solid.

Waiting for the next episode!

You know what, I quite liked it, kind of reminded me of the action comics of old.

But as advise well, as has been said the sqwished panels are an issue but you say you are working on that so good good, also try to keep the panels in line too as they keep hopping to the left and right and I wasn’t a fan of how some of the narrative bars had watermark logos in them.

Still I look forward to see what you come up with next!

There’s some stuff here and there, like the ordering of the caption boxes at times, the aforementioned stretching and the interrogation panels being apparently set in gm_construct, but overall it’s a pretty good job, especially for someone just getting back into the field. Editing was solid and while I’ll admit the first part of the story wasn’t really getting my attention due to the war setting, it got fairly interesting afterwards.

Although, let me tell you: the whole “buying a city” thing? Not quite how politics work, even in corruption cases. :v: That was the only thing really breaking my immersion here and making me question what the tone of the comic was.

Thanks for all the praises and advices everyone. I have as much fun making the comic as sharing the comic with you. Also, nobody caught the Kentucky Fried Movie and Stone Cold Steve Austin joke?

Thanks for the tips. I will definitely the keep stretching advice in in mind.

Thankyou for the praise. I look forward to releasing the next issue as well. I am working on it at the moment.

Yeah, the narrative bar thing. It was supposed to be used to differentiate the dialogue of General Brokain and Captain Michael. I was basing the idea on some Marvel Avengers comic where Iron Man’s off screen dialogue would have Iron Man’s Arc Reactor at the corner and Captain America’s dialogue would have the A. By releasing this first issue, I now know what works and what doesn’t work.

Thanks for the praise.

What map is in the second panel?


What map? That is an actual photo of the Detroit City Hall that I took. I nearly died taking that picture.

Thought as much.