Soft Power: Issue 02 (Yes, there is an issue 2)

Previously: After costing her commander in chief his re-election campaign through no fault of her own and was sacked by a vengeful General as a result, former US Army Special Forces soldier Dora Douglas was recruited by former United States Secret Service Agent turn entertainer Josh Archer into the fledging and having more money than God Combine Multimedia Corporation.

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Thank you for reading. Once again, I had a lot of fun making this comic. Let me know what you think by commenting!

Is Tanya Park based on Squiddy’s female perskin?
They oddly resemble each other minus eye color, clothes and Squiddy’s perskin having tattoos(?) on cheeks.

Glad to see you’re keeping up with this. The story is cool.

Thanks for the praise Mcharest.

Tanya’s model is the alternative Oerba Dia Vanille skin from the Final Fantasy XIII addon.

Oh wow, I feel like an idiot.
Amazing work nonetheless.