Soft Power: Issue 03

Story so Far: Now a successful entertainer along with her partner Joshua Archer, Dora reflects on her transformation from an out-of-work ex-Special Forces soldier to a bionically enhanced entertainer of an equally impressive entertainment empire, the Combine Multimedia Corporation. Dora and her partner Josh was summoned to meet CMC President Janis Winter. Meanwhile, tensions between Japan and the Kingdom of Zhong over Sato Island has reached new heights, with the Kingdom of Zhong flying an electronic warfare aircraft over the island and the Japanese stationing soldiers on the island. In Port Haven, peaceful demonstrations were crushed by the Zhong installed Chairman Yao.

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Also, in case you are wondering why some pages are bigger than others, the reason is that the laptop that I usually made my comic on is finally dead. Fortunately, I saw the writing on the wall and transfered all my photoshop program to my main PC. On my main PC, I don’t have Photoshop, but I have GIMP (with GIMPShop Plug In), so, the bigger frames are the GIMP produced pages.