Soft side walls cant be pickaxed/hatched?

Is there something i missed in the patch notes? i cant seem to get the bonus damage of hitting the soft side of walls…

Soft/hard side doesnt matter anymore since a month or two.

Are you sure about this? Because hitting a twig wall says otherwise. Or am I the one missing something?

You can hit soft wide walls. The trick is to stand dead centre with your pickaxe and back off until you are out of range and slowly move forward until you can just about hit it.

Doorways and window panels can be bonked regardless of where you are stood, but walls are a little annoying.

Yes, twig has a strong and soft side.

Don’t know where you got this info from but it’s 100% false. All building pieces still have a soft side, hell even foundations do if you smash them from on top rather then the side.

Ah, so that’s why it appeared that I was able to pick a couple walls and then suddenly couldn’t. Thought I was just going crazy.