Soft Snowy Winter Encounter

Misleading title, fyi.


The soft snow effect looks weird, but the posing is good.

What he said.
Could use moar faceposing and muzzleflashes

Go to the sexpose thread! :v:

How does it look weird? :smug:

Not face poseable. No muzzle flashes with a silencer, specially in the winter.

Only smoke, with the density of the snow added as well.

I mean weird in a good way, it gives the models some sort of weird contour, like purple/red/something.
Sorry I cant find the words to express myself right now.

It looks cool.

Hot! … wait not, let me try again.


Oh that’s chromatic aberration(sp?) that is red on the back of the left soldier. I think I used it too much here.


Those two are ugly chicks. If I where drunk perhaps…

Nice posing.


where are the chicks, BRO?

It was a joke.

You could of atleast put a chicken in it or something.

Reversed dead cats are looking through the window i believe.

Quite nice. Picture needs some more contrast though and why does the fella on the left have a big red outline?

Must be a nude chicken of course.

OP did not deliver.
I always like your work.

I overdid the chromatic aberration, contrast? I did a screen of a gradient to make it look like it was a light day, while snowing. I don’t think it needs more contrast then it already has.

If you’re wondering where the “naked” girls are, they aren’t here. If you believed for one second that I put a sex pose or nude person out of the sex pose central thread, then well, you expect wrong :v:

But really, I wanted the title so it would attract more people, since normal thread titles just don’t seem to do it anymore.

No we didn’t believe you would pose nude chicks here:)

Is there something in that window, or is a trick of light?

The picture is very grey and flat. There are very few shadows and highlights that stand out, if any. I think upping the contrast or using a duplicated layer set to “overlay” might help rectify this.


Dammit, mod changed the title, lol.