Software for Setup Garrysmod Servers


i have make some software to setup garrysmod servers on windows, i have made it with visual basic.

Garrysmod10 Installer Final: (English)
Multigameserver Installer: (German(English)

I its virus free you can try it here a video from Multigameserver installer:

Have fun :rolleyes:

Post the source code

that is freeware not OpenSource…

here german release threads:

with screens…

Posting closed-source programs on FP when you’re an untrusted developer is frowned upon - we don’t know what you’re running in that code. Post your source.

Atleast ask an trusted developer to go through your code, and then make him “I approve this program.”

All exe, dll files posted on Facepunch should be posted with full source code. For security purposes, not for an open source circle-jerk.

Garry’s words, or what I remember of them.


Looks Good :smiley: Do I Havw To Open Ports Or Anything?

yes, it only helps to setup servers with included server.cfg.

I belive Garry said not to post .exe or .dll without the full source…?

Edit : lolninjaed… xD Didn’t realize that.