Solar Sents

I decided to try and revive an old idea I had, anyone care to make this a reality?

** Solar Sents! **

Solar sents are miniture stars that can be spawned and used to create some interesting effects, each star has a life time that goes from yellow to white, with white being the “oldest” star;

[ul]Props near the star will float/rotate around it, the bigger the star the heavier the props it will attract.[/ul]

[ul]Stars can be harnessed for an extreme power source![/ul]

[ul]Overtaxing a star could cause it to collapse into a blackhole, or make it go supernova! (Chances increase the older the star gets)[/ul]

Each star has a life cycle:

Stage 1 Yellow star

This is a small standard star like our sun. If people get too greedy in sucking energy out of it, it may change to a red giant prematurely.

Alternate Stage 1 Blue Star

This is the hottest and most powerful of the stars, but its lifecycle is the shortest and it goes through its entire lifespan much quicker, but produces more than twice the energy. It’s also slightly smaller than a yellow star, but still bigger than a white dwarf.

Red Giant

After a while the yellow (or blue) star will grow five times its size and turn a deep red. A red giant produces alot of energy, can pick up the heavy props, and is the most stable of the four star types. Eventually it collapses to become a white dwarf

Near Death White Dwarf

This star produces the second most energy, but is the most unstable, draining to much energy may cause it to collapse into a black hole, or go supernova. The white dwarf is the smallest of all the stars.

:science: More Info! :science:

Stars are capable of picking up props and causing them to rotate in the air around the sun (in orbit). The weakest in doing this would be a yellow star, whereas a red star with much more mass, is the strongest.When a star moves on to each stage, the chances of it going supernova increase. The supernova effect could be just a modified version of the Naquadaha bomb explosion (with permission), or could be custom made.

If the star collapses it becomes a black hole sucking in all around it and killing/destroying it instantly. If a star gets sucked into it, it will become a supermassive black hole, sucking in every prop/player/vehicle on the whole map! I know that’s not how it really works, but who said it had to be entirely scientific?

So is this possible, or even sound interesting?
** I really hope someone will make this, it would go great with RD3!**

Here’s some decent info on stars;

Keep in mind these stars don’t even need to be to scale. The smallest could be about the size of an in-game car, with the largest (red giant) being 5 times that size. They will need some neat effects to make them glow and light up everything around them. Maybe use the event horizon effect for the Stargate and apply it around a circular object and change the color?

sounds like a great idea, if only i knew how to script :confused:

Should include an optional version of each star that makes loads of dynamic light. Enough light to brighten a night version of Construct.

Someone please make this. It sounds EPIC! :science:

will this fit into space build and resource distribution?

That would be fricken awesome, but it would probably lag like hell!


Same here, but some of us can only dream :sigh:

I wonder if the team that did RD2 or 3 could do this?

Is anyone gonna make this?

I really hope so, I tried requesting it last year but it ended up on the third page with no replies, pushed down by the endless anime requests that were really popular at that particular time.

ho hum no replies.

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This is a good idea, i hope someone does this.
Is there not a black hole sent or something around you could use as a base for it? or a gravity well sent, i’m sure i’ve seen something similar around before =s or i drempt it :3:

Ya in fact most of the parts necessary to make this could be easily gathered from other mods, with their author’s permission of course, and modified. The black hole sent for black holes, the naquada bomb explosion for the supernova, and the stargate horizon effect for the sun’s surface glow…

Please don’t let this idea die again! (sorry for the bump mods)