"Solar winds" ( A spaceship approaching a planet)

Thread music! (seriously should copyright that) :

Didn’t come out as good as expected , but my photoshop skills are kinda limited so… Did my best :slight_smile:

Heavily edited :


Slightly edited :


Now C&C please gentlemen.

The “slightly edited” version is better, as the “heavily edited” version is a little too heavy on the contrast.

Nice picture though. Mind posting the original to compare with?

Sadly , i accidentally trashed it :frowning: awwww.

Cool picture, I like the 2nd better though. What’s the name of that space ship model? Nice music too.

It’s from the EVE pack.

Very good. The only problem is DAT DARKNESS!

Huh? :3

Pretty good.

My shitty monitor is an Acer P243W.
You might want to shut the fuck up.

Don’t dis a man’s monitor.

Seriously though chill out… it’s just a screen. Actually I think he was referring to your settings; perhaps it is too dark? I don’t see a problem with the brightness in this picture.

I know, it was humor, got him on Steam friend (remember, you sir asked me to accept this idiot :v: )
Also, nah, not a brightness problem, the first one is full of dark. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sarcasm doesn’t convey well in a text-only format.

I like the slightly edited one. It looks good.

the heavily edited one is better goes with the darkness of space alot better

Its a Megathron from the ported EVE models Lankest did.


Yeah i kinda agree with this but there’s nothing much left to see so…

Oh lawdy. A Megathron.

I like the heavily edited one. The way the brightness of the planet looks (Looks more like a star) is amazingly sexy.