Sold out

There are those who are cheap and those do do not have money at this rate i am never going to get one because they sell out before i can buy them.
Im trying to ask if Garry can increase the numbers of keys cause ive missed them ever auction by hours and minuets so i am just asking please sell me keys at one time

You will get your chance I am sure, but the keys are limited simply because the server needs to keep up with the increasing playerbase.

And the fact that they make a lot of money with this dutch auction thing.

All the people who are willing to spend more money are being weeded out and soon enough you;ll get your chance SUP HELK

It’s still in pre-alpha, they want to limit the amount of people playing by limiting the amount of keys being sold. You can either pay up or you can wait for the game to be sold at a fixed price in the future.