Solder is Tricked #2

A sequel thing I did in a hour or so.

Original (I suggest you compare them):

Awesome lighting, especially on the US guy. Blood looks a little out of place though and I think the darkness under the boat is a little overdone, although you were probably aiming for that effect.

I keep trying to scroll to the side to see who shot him. It would be nice if there was anything to fill that empty space because right now the picture looks incomplete.

Also, the motion blur on his leg makes it look like his leg is moving forward (which doesn’t really work if you are walking. And even if he had just been shot I doubt that his legs would end up going in that direction)

Finally, the blood could also use some motion blur because right now it looks kinda like it’s floating in the air.

Well it’s a quickie so ofcourse it isn’t complete.
Actually he isn’t walking, he’s more like, spazzing out and falling because he got shot right in the heart nahmean.

Nice editing, but you shouldn’t use RTS models for poses

You wouldn’t mind suggesting any other models?

The DoD:S models would be more appropriate.

Nobody has released a pack of headhacked DoD:S models right?
Might do it so I can facepose them and shit.

Well, I understand that he’s spazzing, I’m just saying that it kinda looks like his leg is moving forward, when it would make more sense if he was just collapsing forward.