Soldier 76 P.M,Mcree soon

Alright guys so I made and ported Soldier 76 and Mcree to GMOD and will be releasing them in the workshop soon…What do you guys think?

Add me on steam for inquries or files to edit if I agree :confused:
Mcree coming soon :smiley:

I’m guessing all those other sliders are the cosmetic pieces?

Really well made dude

Didn’t you pay someone $100 on SF to do this for you? I remember seeing the job.

I hope for OP’s sake there was no money involved, or I think the original SFM porter would be quite upset. ? It was on page 3.

That quote is from his job description.

Claims he ‘made’ them, although I wouldn’t expect any less from Misty.

I feel bad for the original author ( bad enough his work got “stolen” but he didn’t even get credited for it (talking about the Created by: section).