Soldier about to be smashed by a brute

C&C Posing by me, editing by Hairybastard.


Rimlighting is awful and doesn’t suit the picture

the rim lighting I did is so bad that it hurts :v:
But the pose is nice :smiley:

Damn thats one nasty looking brute. Whats it from?

that’s from Dead Space right?
where’d you get it?

Fuck I need model.
Picture is Rim-Lightning raped.

That rim-lighting is terrible. It completely ruins the picture.

Hairy is obsessed with rim lighting. Tsk tsk. Nice posing.

I ported it.

Well, Im just practicing D:

What the FUCK? I need a new pair of pants…

Dead space just scares the piss out of me…

Oh my fucking god. I want those models. Also is it just me or does your Dead Space poses happen in the Vault part of GM_Atomic?

Think you could be right there.

For the first time your accauly correct