Soldier ( Alien Swarm )


Nice, have a

I’ll say this, it’s 9001x better than the default marines.

But the texture around what I guess is the helmet seal (around the neck) is funky lookin. Either way it’s cool, shouldn’t the blood be green/yellow though? Unless it’s meant to be human blood then nevermind.

Someone has got to reskin the marines like that.

Nice work, however I question the use of this really as most of the time you aren’t paying attention to your character and the camera is always zoomed out quite a bit.

True, though the more I play, the more I tend to notice small things. The marines basically being one-color lego men sticks out sometimes.

The darkness and awesome lighting usually hides it well though.

Woah. Holy SHIT.

Exellent texturing… exept the ring around the neck you could of chosen somthing different

A+ texturing here sir.

Well, fuck.

Beyond awesome texturing work.

Sweet sassy molasses.

I don’t necessarily agree with some of the texture choices, but the final effect is well done.

The textures are REALLY overlayed on in with no real depth.

Use displacement maps instead.

now make it an actual texture mod.

What 69105 said. None of the textures are affected by perspective and they look really flat.