Soldier and some rebels staring at a broken Citadel

This is my first scenebuild and second pose, I’m not that good yet but I did my best :buddy:


the other version

comment please, i don’t care much about ratings

yeah you can stop rating me dumb already, it’s not helping anything :expressionless:

artistic masterpiece. what kind of filters did you apply? they look astounding; i would like to hire you for my art design firm.

Filter rape isn’t a good way of editing pictures, it’s almost impossible to see anything.


Why did you destroy the whole thing

In all reality, it doesn’t seem like a bad scenebuild. Just a really shitty edit.

Just a sec guys, gonna upload some non-filter raped version

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there, new pic added

it’s still quite bad dude, don’t use sharpen. ever

Never, NEVER, use sharpen.

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It just looks bad. The build looks nice, but its kinda ruined by the eye rape.

I think it looks bad too, I just used so much time building it that I decided to post it. Maybe this is the reason I should stick to building contraptions :v:

Its too dark.

that’s the problem, the map is a night map.

Then use the light and lamp tools.