Soldier being some tribal dude.

‘‘The Ocul’thar people, also commonly referred to as plain walkers or the Clans of the Oculus, are a peaceful semi-nomadic people. Living on the great eastern plains bordering the empire and the vast deserts, they make their living of gathering herbs and hunting animals.
The Ocul’thar is not in any kind of alliance with neither the empire or the collage, they did how ever ask the empire for help when Rahad Sadji’s armies attacked their lands. In present time, they often keep to themselves and live out their lives on the plains and their remarkable plateau cities. They value their lands and their deity, the Oculus or ‘‘the watcher’’, above all else since they were driven from their original homelands somewhere beyond the Akiril mountains and they believe that Oculus guided their people to new lands where they were to live in harmony as long as they obeyed him.’’

thought the smoke in the background was coming out of the ornament thing for a moment

I noticed that it was at a weird angle, but it was too late when I finally did.

That grass looks really cool, potatochopped?