Soldier blows up Heavy

So uh, yeah, C&C please :slight_smile:

LOL. The posing on the medic looks a bit awkward, but I think the rest is funny :smiley:

needs more rocket jumping the heavy.

Nice, Just looks there arent enough gibs. But oh well its meaby just me. The Soldier lis Pretty nice Posed, So is the Medic. Its nice overall.

“You’ve been killed by the late: Heavy Weapons Mechanic”

It’s looks like a killcam lol.

There aren’t enough gibs in the game D-:

This pose is not possible.

No one can bring the heavy down except heavy him self.

Needs more kaboom

posing on medic and soldier looks nice but the odd thing i see is the heavy, not enough gibs.

There should be a smoke trail from the rocket
The Heavy is missing an arm
Looks like you overcompensated on the blood because there wasn’t enough gibbage (That is now a word)

Posing on the soldier is great, though.

The body parts need to be flying everywhere

Its not bad thougj

Aside from the gibbage (lol) problem, you fogot a rocket, rocket trail, and explosion.

No, there doesn’t need to be a rocket. If the Heavy is exploding, the rocket already exploded.

Not that special, it needs some editing.

I like the pose of soldier after he shot the rocket

needs more clouds of smoke and sparks.

Sorry I just had to do this