Soldier dieing. [Scene Build]

My very bad edit. Put it into the edit my SS.


Proof of scene build.


The efect of blood could be more detailed
could have more poses
could have more light

retreating this, its ok

AND I READ THE FUCKING bad edition, i opinate D:

Its not too bad but the fact of unmatching lighting, not good utilization of space and could be improved with more blood and change the blood to red. I recomend just editing the blood and the blood only as the orginal has perfectly fine lighting.

Blood splat is too blurred even for being through cloth.

It should be “Dying.” Pretty bland, I’d say.

Most of your pictures seem to center on American soldiers dying or being shot. There are other themes for a picture, y’know.

Yep. I sure make a lot of American’s being shot. Since this is my first one. Ever.

It’s like a mediocre version of this:

^ Who made that? Was it you, McGee?


you haven’t looked through uberslug’s compilation thread, have you?

I’ve never actually seen that before.

It is kinda old, now. Uber still makes damn fine pictures though.

It’s spelled dying, not dieing.

What is that huge mountain prop you used?

type ‘cliff’ in the search bar
the first few props out are the cliffs. i think you’ll need ep2